Welcome to the Rajbhog Indian Restaurant

Located in Templestowe in the heart of eastern suburb.  We are only one and one with no other branch.

Fully Licensed (B.Y.O Wine Only)

The name Rajbhog translates quite literally as sophisticated. A ROYAL FEAST. We are a family owned Indian restaurant established in 2000. Rajbhog enjoys restaurants with superior service, varied menus incorporates both traditional classic favourites and original new dishes that apply eastern flavours with a western twist.

Budget minded families will love Rajbhog many attractions which serve up great food and fun and festive atmosphere!
Our chefs and staff serve delicious Contemporary Indian Cuisine.  The presentations are fresh and artistic, the menus inspired recipes passed down from generations of family from India and the service is superb.  Seasonal menus feature fresh seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes.



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